Advantages of buying a business with RB Partners Group

Reliable business

  • Only RELIABLE and RUNNING businesses!
  • Companies in Europe, Asia, America and Africa offered by us have undergone due diligence by our partners
  • Rights of future proprietors are protected by international leading lawyers
  • RB Partners Group and our partners consult you not only in the course of completing the transaction but they can also offer an ongoing financial and legal support afterwards

Services rendered by professionals

  • Purchase and sale of businesses, foundation of joint ventures and alliances: RB Partners Group makes use of its own experience and knowledge as well as of skills and the background of its international partners when executing cross-border transactions and gaining the best conditions and safeguarding terms for the deal
  • In-depth selection of companies for investment: Using its partnerships, RB Partners Group gets an access to the pool of thoroughly selected proposals for investment from around the world
  • Fund Raising: RB Partners Group helps with raising finances from banks and private equity funds giving you an opportunity to achieve the most efficient structure of the funding sources


  • Technology, Media and Telecommunication(ТМТ)
  • Financial services
  • Engineering/Industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Healthcare/Pharmacy/Medical technology
  • Real estate
  • Civil and industrial construction
  • Mobility and logistics
  • Natural resources/Power engineering
  • Food industry/ Agricultural industry
  • Leisure and Hotel industry
  • Retail

Throughout the World

  • Globalscope has been on the market since 1987, from then onwards it has become one of the leading M&A networks, uniting over 500 professionals.
  • If you contact us, you will be able to get access to 55 firms from California to Beijing in 48 countries.

Partners all over the World

Sector Description Country Type of deal Cost
Food industry and Agricultural industry One of the leading and well-known manufactures of dry and concentrated products, food ingredients in the Crezh Republic. The Czech Republic Business for sale
Consumer’s sector / Food industry and Agricultural industry A well-known store chain of economy class frozen products in Germany. Germany Business for sale / Fund raising
Food industry and Agricultural industry An Italian pasta manufacturer, which makes products both under its own trademark and under other well-known brands. Italy Business for sale 6 mln’ Euro
Healthcare / Pharmacy / Medical technology / Bioscience One of the leading European groups in professional cosmetics sector with diversified set of products for both professionals and consumer’s. Germany Business for sale
Consumer’s sector A company designs and manufactures fashion and casual clothes. Main clients are over 3400 shops around the world. Spain Business for sale 45 mln’Euro
Consumer’s sector / Food industry and Agricultural industry A fast-growing manufacturer of snacks. Israel Fund raising 11 mln’USD
Transportation and logistics A Group of companies which sells auto service subdivision. Main Group business is auto dealership network and financing of car purchase. This subdivision includes 8 service shops and several car service centers. Holland Business for sale
Тechnology, Media and Telecom A fast-growing German company in the area of CRM software development for estate agents. Germany Business for sale +25 mln’Euro
Food industry and Agricultural industry The most recognizable company among mid-sized businesses on the market of bottled water. Greece Fund raising
Consumer’s sector / Food industry and Agricultural industry A company is a processer and retailer of smoked fish made for hotels, restaurants, cafes, product shops and supermarkets in Spain. Spain Business for sale 4 mln’Euro
Transport and logistics One of the leading private forwarding companies in Northland in air and sea transportation, which deals with delivery of import from China to Northland, and with deliveries for ADP segment. Denmark Business for sale
Food industry and Agricultural industry A leading manufacturer of mushroom products in Argentina. Argentina Business for sale
Тechnology, Media and Telecom A private fast-growing IT consulting company with strong position in financial sector, power engineering, government sector. The market is in Ireland and Great Britain. Great Britain Business for sale Over 23 mln’Euro
Engineering / Industry A company produces loading-unloading equipment and machinery for plastic and chemical industry. Sale of all or part of the business. Germany Business for sale 6 mln’Euro
Food industry and Agricultural industry A professional team sets up an effective fruits and vegetables processing business in Australia to serve rising demands in the healthy snacks segment of market. Australia Fund raising Up to 18,7 mln’Euro
Food industry and Agricultural industry A company manufactures high-quality caviar products. It sells minority shareholding. A highly profitable business. Uruguay Fund raising / Interest sale From 5 up to 20 mln’USD
Healthcare / Pharmacy / Medical technology / Bioscience A company produces over 150 different pharmaceuticals. Uruguay Business for sale 8-10 mln’Euro
Engineering / Industry One of the worldwide leading producer and supplier of precious metals for medical and industry use. Sale of whole business. Germany Business for sale 12+9 mln’Euro (two companies)
Engineering / Industry КA company specializes in rendering of innovative technological solutions for food, chemical, pharmacy, metallurgy and glass industries. This company is one of the few, which renders complex solutions on product research and testing, design and engineering of processing machineries and systems, and on production of complex “the world’s only” and “the first in the world” machines and systems. USA Business for sale
Engineering / Industry A company supplies precision instruments, sensors and signal sensors of communication systems. Germany Business for sale
Services for Business / Financial services and Insurance, TMT, Engineering / Industry A company develops technologies for automatic cash operations: bank notes detection, forged bank notes detection, serial number detection, validity of bank notes. The company produces and sells cash machines and bank notes recognition modules. Israel Business for sale 3 mln’Euro
Engineering / Industry A company specializes in injection molding for car industry and consumer electronics. The company is a supplier of 1st and 2nd level for leading carmakers and electronics in Europe. Poland Business for sale 10-15 mln’Euro
Healthcare / Pharmacy / Medical technology / Bioscience A company is an active player on the market of weight management and weight-reducing treatment over 15 years. The company has its own developments of methods and products, with which provides the clients on personal basis under medical supervision. The company is presented on the market of over 20 countries (in Europe and China) by distributors and effects direct sales. Luxemburg Business for sale 1,5 mln’Euro
Healthcare / Pharmacy / Medical technology / Bioscience A pharmacy company in Brazil. The company produces the herbal medicines, typical medicines, sold without the doctor’s prescription. Brasil Fund raising
Financial services and Insurance A leading technologic company developing P2P and network financing platform is looking for international partners for direct investments or foundation of a joint venture. China Business foe sale
Natural resources / Power engineering A company proposes innovative solutions, which help to achieve heating and energy efficiency. In 2012, this company presented solutions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. A year later all Europe had been actively introducing this product. Germany Business for sale 25 mln’Euro
Тechnology, Media and Telecom A well-known distributor specialized in marketing and salel of electronic components and systems. A product range includes the following: display technologies, systems of integrated computing processing, charging components, wireless communication, and M2M systems. Germany Business for sale
Healthcare / Pharmacy / Medical technology / Bioscience A leading Chinese company in the area of treatment tools manufactures disposable filters on the basis of membrane nanotechnologies. It is searching for a leading European manufacturer of tools and technologies for promotion of products on the Chinese market. China Joint venture
Chemical industry A manufacturer of plastic products is searching for financing to expand business by means of purchase or foundation of a joint venture. China Fund raising
Chemical industry A manufacturer of plastic products is searching for financing to expand business by means of purchase or foundation of a joint venture. China Joint venture
Engineering / Industry A Chinese manufacturer of agricultural equipment, such as combiners and seeding machines, is searching for a foreign partner with advanced agricultural technologies. China Joint venture
Transport and logistics A transport company presented on the markets of Uruguay, Argentina and Chili. The company has concluded contracts with leading transnational local firms. Uruguay Business for sale 12-15 mln’USD
Healthcare / Pharmacy / Medical technology / Bioscience A company develops innovative solutions for Parkinson’s disease treatment. Greece Fund raising From 2,5 up to 30 mln’Euro

A Business for the Sale Process:

Stage №1 (1-2 months)

  • Pre-investment preparation and development of the fund raising strategy
  • Performing the valuation
  • Preparation of a company presentation, a teaser, an investment memorandum and a financial model
  • Identifying prospective acquirers (a long-list)
  • Initiation of preliminary contacts in the market

Stage №2 (1-2 months)

  • Contacts with prospective acquirers
  • Coordination of communication with interested parties
  • Execution of confidentiality agreements
  • Arranging meetings between a company and the acquirers
  • Negotiation of a term sheet to an agreed form on behalf of the company
  • Signing the term sheet

Stage №3 (2-3 months)

  • Assisting with due diligence
  • Negotiation and drafting investment documents
  • Closing the transaction
  This service involves a review of the proposed transaction to minimize the financial, tax and legal risks for the client. Reviewing the transaction provides an analysis of the current taxation schemes relevant to the transaction to assess risks and improve the efficiency. Solutions are achieved through international tax planning mechanisms according to the international law.

Pre-Investment Preparation, including Strategy Development and Business Arrangement

This service is based on a practical experience of the international companies that have successfully attracted investors or listed their shares on a stock exchange. As a rule, pre-investment procedures consist of the following basic actions:
  • Strategy development
  • Business arrangement focused on attracting investors and establishing suitability for audit purposes
  • Business transparency improvement
  • Corporate management quality improvement

Business Arrangement

Our team of experts has a successful experience in applying advanced methods of financial engineering for business arrangements to the benefit of international companies and institutional investors. This service renders the following:
  • Property rights protection
  • Development of efficient corporate management models
  • Tax system optimization
  • Protection against a hostile takeover and/or loss of assets
  • An ability to prepare consolidated financial statements in accordance with IFRS
  • Preparation of a company for the audit under international standards
  • Increased investment attractiveness and a greater access to capital markets
Business arrangement projects consist of several stages:
  • Due Diligence
  • Issuing a rearrangement proposal
  • Rearrangement plan development
  • Implementation stage

Why choose RB Partners Group?

  • We use European, US and Asian holding companies, not offshore schemes
  • We work to increase shareholder value and the capitalization of the business
  • Our business partners are premier international companies that provide fiduciary and tax planning services in foreign jurisdictions
  • We promise complete confidentiality and have a reputation of integrity

Raising bank loans and guarantees

RB Partners Group assists to its clients in raising borrowings and guarantees from more than 30 of its banks partners. We highlight the following key problems currently faced by potential borrowers while applying for bank loans and guarantees:
  1. The toughening of bank requirements to borrowers subject to the current situation in the economy;
  2. Diversity of specific requirements, provisions and necessary documents required by each of the banks;
  3. Loss of time on processing documents when making an application only to one bank;
  4. Risk of failure of the contract in case of a denial from the servicing bank;
  5. Monopolization of provisions and rates while working only with one bank;
  6. A volatile situation in the banking sector, regular withdrawals of licenses from banks;
  7. The presence of a large number of dishonest operators/scams and “grey” guarantees in the market.
RB Partners’ experts are ready to organize optimal forms of lending and guarantees on beneficial terms and within a short time, taking into account the specifics of a business, current needs and strategic goals of a company.

Funding ongoing business operations:

  • Credit lines;
  • Overdraft on a settlement account;
  • Loan refinancing on more beneficial terms;
  • Restructuring current liabilities.

Funding state purchase contracts (44/223 FL):

  • Bidding credits for participation in competitions;
  • Loans for financing the execution of contracts.

Bank guarantees (44/223 FL):

  • Guarantees for participation in state tenders;
  • Guarantees for the execution of state contracts;
  • Guarantees for returning an advance.

Other types of guarantees

  • Guarantees for VAT refunding;
  • Excise guarantees;
  • Customs guarantees;
  • Guarantees for the execution of commercial contracts with TOP-50 companies.

Our advantages:

  1. Execution of an express-analysis within 2 hours on the basis of three documents;
  2. Provision of guarantees up to 2 days under scoring programs;
  3. A possibility of considering guarantees from 1 million to 5 billion Rubles;
  4. Reliable, well-tried partner banks (over 30 banks);
  5. Guarantees are recorded in the Register of the Ministry of Finance of Russia;
  6. An individual approach to each borrower;
  7. A client shall not incur additional expenses.
Our experts provide our clients with sophisticated advisory services that assist in fund raising at all stages of business development. We assist our clients in developing an optimal approach for fund raising, keeping in mind long-term strategies, their business specificity and acceptable levels of risks. RB Partners Group focuses on two key issues that companies face when attracting investors in the capital market:

1. Capital Market Complexities

  • Capital markets are extensive markets that are constantly transforming.
  • The absence of knowledge in capital markets and lack of practical experience when interacting with its professionals complicate the ability to make balanced decisions while raising funds.
  • As a result, the company owners and top management are forced to turn to advisory services of external specialists to act as a mediator.

2. Non-Transparency and Low Investment Appeal of Companies

  • Formal owners are not necessarily the same as beneficial owners
  • Businesses are often organized as several legal entities
  • Undisclosed equity participation
  • Utilization of aggressive tax optimization schemes

How can we help your company in the search for the optimal financial source?

RB Partners Group uses seven sources to meet your financial goals:

Capital Markets:

  • Stock Exchange
  • Direct Investment Market (Private Equity Funds)
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
  • Debt Market

Source of capital:

  1. IPO
  2. Investor Capital – Minority stake
  3. MBO / LBO
  4. Strategic Investors
  5. Bonds
  6. CLN (credit linked notes)
  7. Loans

Protection of rights / representation of interests of investors / creditors

1.Representation of the investors’/creditors’ interests in the investees:

  • Representation of investors’/creditors’ interests in the internal audit committee/creditors’ committee/Management Board/Board of Directors.
  • Acting as a financial controller to control cash flows and the current management activities (on-line monitoring).
  • Preparation of regular status reports and providing comments on the company’s management accounts.

2. Identification, analysis and settlement of risky situations which have emerged due to unfair actions of the companies’ management unfair (forensic) acts.

3. Support for creditors with debt recovery globally.

Venture Capital and portfolio companies

Investment focus

RB Partners Group as a venture capital firm manages investments in seed and early stage companies with a focus on innovative technologies for the financial service industry. We partner with outstanding entrepreneurs creating innovative products and solving complicated problems. We are actively involved with all of our investments. Our Group is highly selective, but once we commit to an investment, we strive to apply our deep industry relationships, hands-on experience in building businesses to help the companies execute their business plans and achieve significant competitive advantages more efficiently and effectively.

What is the Venture Capital?

The venture capital is an investment in a start-up and early stage business that is perceived to have high growth prospects but does not have access to capital markets. The venture capital is an important and necessary form of investment because it fosters entrepreneurship, especially in high-tech and other innovative industries. However, the venture capital is not without a risk. In fact, it is one of the riskiest investments available because many new companies fail or underperform. Venture capital firms anticipate this by diversifying their investments and hoping that their successful investments shall more than compensate for their losses. RB Capital, the venture investment fund, has been set up as part of RB Partners Group. The fund is focused on investments in innovative IT solutions, primarily, in the financial sector. Please visit for full information.

Debt restructuring and refinancing

In an environment of the economic downturn, it can be rather common when a borrower fails to fulfil its liabilities to banks under the previous terms and conditions, and, for different reasons, such a company ultimately finds itself close to bankruptcy. In many cases, the situation can be resolved. RB Partners’ experts, based on our extensive experience, provide professional assistance and support in debt restructuring. The range of services is as follows:

1. On the borrower’s side:

 1 Assistance in debt restructuring. Our professionals will analyze the financial position of the borrower, develop a strategy of debt restructuring and will also conduct negotiations with creditors to coordinate and approve the restructuring option being the most preferable for both parties.
 2 Arranging debt refinancing. RB Partners’ experts will provide support in refinancing the liabilities of another bank under such provisions that correspond to the borrower’s financial performance and targets.
 3 Optimization of the loan portfolio. This service provided by RB Partners’ experts includes a set of measures offering an optimal structure of the loan portfolio for a client and any possible actions to make the loan portfolio structure optimal.

The optimization process has the following stages:
  • analysis of the financial position of the client;
  • determining an optimal size of the loan portfolio in terms of differentiation of maturity, interest rates and currencies for such a portfolio;
  • search for the most reliable sources of borrowings on the financial market with due regard to risks of each specific instrument;
  • conducting negotiations with creditors;
  • assistance in preparation of documents for taking loans, including development of the company’s financial model and business plan.

2. On the creditor’s side:

  1. Assistance in debt restructuring on the bank’s side, active participation in negotiations with a borrower.
  2. Assistance in real estate sales and disposal of other illiquid assets pledged as collateral with the bank.
  3. Working with distressed loan portfolios of the banks, including arrangement of their sales.
  4. Services of conducting negotiations with the borrower and collecting distressed loans both at pre-court stage and at the stage of legal proceedings.
  5. Arrangement for obtaining bridge lending from another bank.
  6. Transfer of distressed loans from the bank’s balance-sheet to RB Partners’ balance-sheet followed by the subsequent management and disposal.