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Q4 2020 UK Private Company Director
UK Private Company Director Q4 2020 Welcome to the January 2021 issue of UK Private Company Director, the quarterly newsletter for directors of owner-managed, family and private equity backed businesses.
2020 was a year unlike any other
ebook-eight-predictions-how-technology-will-change-our-lives-in-2021 Businesses large and small, governments new and old all had to completely change what they do and how they operate. Helping us to manage this dramatic change was technology. Whether it was Blackboard continuing our children’s education, Zoom becoming our business boardroom (and our pub), or Netflix being our night out at the movies, we relied on technology to help feed our families, teach our children, collaborate with co-workers, even entertain ourselves after yet another day in the house. Rather than slow us down, 2020 accelerated our shift to a digital world and I anticipate we won’t go back any time soon. Thanks to this acceleration, from my vantage point, 2021 is going to be a launchpad for all kinds of change, and here are some of the areas that will be driving it.
  Globalscope convened its semi-annual Fall Meeting in October 2020 by video conference. Despite the restrictions of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, member firms are adapting, developing new opportunities and delivering success on behalf of clients. Jim Keeling, President of Globalscope, said “while we would prefer to meet in person, consistent with past practices, business must go on. Video conferences keep us connected with our membership, promote international M&A activities and develop best practices during these unusual times. Notwithstanding the pandemic, our 55 independent member M&A firms, operating as one global family in 48 countries, participated in two full days of video presentations of over 100 prospective transactions. Not only did this verify the viability of M&A activity worldwide, but it was wonderful to see almost 100 of our senior colleagues from across the world experiencing the power of exchanging ideas and the impact this has on transaction completions”. “We are very pleased to welcome three outstanding firms as new members of Globalscope”, said Martijn Peters, Head of Member Recruitment. “We continually look to expand our international network by inviting new members, who are carefully selected and vetted as sharing our core values. I believe all three achieve this aim and further strengthen our geographic footprint in Asia, Eastern Europe and Australia”. AWR LLOYD (Bangkok, Thailand and multiple offices in Asia) said, “Globalscope was introduced to us via friends in Asia and Europe. We were immediately attracted to the idea of joining a family of like- minded investment banking boutiques, passionate about M&A”. ESFA Managing Director Dragan Bosiljkic said, “We are sure that the partnership with the Globalscope network will help us to improve our business through the development of our transaction management approach and cross-border cooperation. We will benefit from widening the framework of our market expansion strategy for our clients”. ESFA is based in Belgrade, Serbia. When asked, “Why Globalscope?” Michael Rovira of Octavian Group (South Perth, Australia) said, “Globalscope was the natural choice for our firm as we continue to enhance our international presence, providing our Australian clients with greater exposure to cross-border opportunities. We look forward to working with Globalscope members in the same spirit of openness and camaraderie that members have shown us during our dealings to date”. The Fall Conference concluded with our traditional “Toast to Liquidity”, celebrating €3.2 Billion in transaction closings in 2019 by Globalscope member firms. Mr. Keeling reported, “The Technology, Media and Telecommunications sector saw robust growth since our Spring Conference, with exit multiples reaching record levels in the United States. Additionally, M&A activity appears to be picking up in recent months”. Globalscope also presented its “Oscar Awards” for transactions completed since the Spring Conference. Congratulations to the winners! Most Active Member – Carlsquare (Germany and other European offices) Most Valuable Deal – Portofino (Israel) Globalscope Flagship Deal – Carlsquare (Germany) & DEX (Netherlands) Globalscope will continue its biannual schedule with its next conference in April 2021. About Globalscope Partners Globalscope is an international family of 55 independent investment banking firms located in 48 countries around the globe. Member firms specialize in representing business owners engaged in selling, financing or buying companies. With over 30 years of global M&A experience across all continents, Globalscope works in close partnership with clients in making their business dreams a reality. Over 10,000 satisfied clients have benefited from our extensive knowledge of international capital markets and identifying buyers of their businesses.
How the Pandemic Affected the Russian VC Market in the First Half of 2020
  This year we experienced a new phenomenon, which most people have not experienced in their lifetime, that altered the rules of different markets. The Russian venture capital market is not an exception. Dsight partnered with Crunchbase to produce a bi-annual report on the state of the VC market in Russia. Crunchbase contributed data related to venture capital deal flow and exit activity in Europe, and globally, in the first half of 2020. Russian VC Activity: 1H 2020 The total value of investments amounted to $184 million, which is three times less than the first half of 2019 (-63.8%). An outflow of money was caused by the stoppage of deals made. The Russian VC market experienced a significant drop in late-stage volume. Expansion-stage deals experienced a 48% decrease, while maturity saw an 80% decrease. How Investors Reacted to the Pandemic The first half of 2020 experienced a total of 108 investment deals in startups. Due to the ongoing pandemic, investors decided to take the safe route and withhold from making large investments. The number of investments in almost all stages experienced a significant drop with the total decrease of 6% in comparison to last year. However, the key figure here is not the amount of investments but the value and average check of them. The average check decreased from $4.33 million to $1.7 million (-60%), and the total volume fell by 63%, from $497.5 million to $183.8 million. Investors didn’t stop funding the market, they just decreased the size of their investments. Startups in their late stages (expansion and maturity phases) saw the largest drop in volume, -48% for expansion phase and -80% in maturity phase. Surprisingly, the most active investors were business angels, who were the only ones who had an increase in their total deals. On the other hand, corporations and corporate funds saw the largest drop in average check, a whopping 80% decrease, which can be attributed to the pandemic affecting the corporate sector much heavier than others. Analytics also want to highlight the active investing activities of the government sector in the first half of 2020–the volume of government investments will most likely grow in the future. New Focus for Entrepreneurs and Investors A new goal emerged for entrepreneurs and government officials – to continue its activities and its interaction with care for the health of the population during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Limitations in work acted as a barrier, and those who were able to received new points of development in their business. Today we see a large amount of innovative solutions in areas such as online education, telemedicine and robotics services, which saw growth in interest. Out of $108 million invested in the leading industries, investors allocated their money in transportation services (14 deals) and education (12 deals). We hope that the tempo of the market will stabilize in the 2nd half, which can already be seen by certain indicators in July and August. “We observed a certain decline in venture activity at the initial stage of the pandemic; funds elected to re-evaluate their portfolio companies and give a facelift to market entry strategies, mulling over ideas of investing in a certain project under the circumstances. As the summer approached, renewed hope came to redress the mire of uncertainty. VCs recommenced searching for promising start-ups, and a new class of products to benefit the customer during the pandemic emerged in the market.” Vitaly Mzokov, the head of Kaspersky Innovation Hub The pandemic is the black swan of the 21st century. We witness sharp changes from growth to decline, which leads to the formation of new rules within the VC market.
Export of “brains” from Russia. Why has Russia, one of the world’s leading countries in terms of the number of inventions, been losing in the global innovation race for two hundred years?
  When talking about different countries, concepts are used such as the volume and growth of GDP, the rating and the image of the country. At the same time, countries are rarely researched for their contribution to the development of scientific and technological progress of all humankind. A globally conventional image is of Russia as an authoritarian state. Russia lives off a huge raw material base, has a strong army, but a weak and non-competitive economy. This concept, unfortunately, has real grounds. Speaking about innovative companies over the past two hundred years, it is noteworthy that most of them are now located in the United States. But if one looks at this issue, not in terms of the country of registration of these companies, but in terms of the people who invented and created world-famous technological businesses, it turns out that those born and raised in the USSR and Russia are surely among the five nations that have contributed most of all to the creation of businesses that influenced human evolution. If one considers the technological inventions that have radically changed human life on the planet over the past two hundred years, then an approximate incomplete list will be probably as follows: “Electricity, radio, television, cars, airplanes, spaceships and satellites, computers, the Internet, mobile communication and social networks.” Here it should be noted that in the understanding of most people, the concept of “innovation” is often confused with the concept of “invention”. “Invention” means the creation of a new technical development or improvement of an old one. “Innovation” differs from “invention” in that it creates an added value and is associated with practical implementation. In this view, “innovation” is not innovation unless it is successfully implemented and starts to benefit the society. Let us consider some of the most famous examples of inventions and innovations. For example, today few people know that the Russian engineers Pavel Yablochkov and Alexander Lodygin practically simultaneously invented and even patented the first electric light bulb (an incandescent lamp) in 1876. Unfortunately, they failed to establish mass production in Russia. Later, Lodygin moved to the United States. In 1878, Thomas Edison, the entrepreneurially-inclined American, became interested in the invention and production of light bulbs. By reducing the cost of manufacturing light bulbs, he was able to industrialize the process. The “Edison bulb” began to be mass-produced, displacing other lamps on the market. By 1890, Lodygin was forced to sell his patent to General Electric.

The idea of inventing and creating the world’s first radio receiver belongs to Alexander Popov, a Russian professor and experimenter. In 1895, at a meeting of the Russian Physico-Сhemical Society, Alexander Popov demonstrated “a device designed to indicate rapid fluctuations in atmospheric electricity”, in other words, a radio receiver, and he performed the first radio communication session.

Later, with the help of leading British manufacturers, Guglielmo Marconi, an Italian, managed to carry out radio communication over a distance of 3,500 kilometers. In 1897, Marconi registered a patent and established his own company, putting the invention on a commercial basis, not achieved by Popov.

Speaking about television, the first patent for electronic television technology was obtained by Boris Rosing, Professor at the St. Petersburg Institute of Technology, who applied for a patent for the “Method of electrical transmission of images” in 1907. He succeeded in transmitting an image at a distance in the form of a grid of four light bars on a dark background in 1911. It was the first television program in the world.

A real breakthrough in the development of television was the iconoscope, invented in the United States in 1931 by Vladimir Zvorykin, a Russian emigrant and a student of Boris Rosing, who worked at that time at the Radio Corporation of America.

As for Aircraft Construction, there are a large number of inventors in different countries who have made a significant contribution to the creation of a modern aircraft. There are also many Russian names among them, such as Alexander Mozhaisky, Alexander Kudashev, Igor Sikorsky, Nikolai Zhukovsky, Andrey Tupolev, Sergey Ilyushin, Pavel Sukhoi, Oleg Antonov and others.

At the same time, back in 1904, the Russian scientist Nikolai Zhukovsky, who can be considered the “father of aerodynamics”, formulated a theorem that quantifies the lift component of an aircraft wing which is the basis of the aircraft construction.

Today, Igor Sikorsky is especially famous in the world as a Russian aircraft designer who moved to the United States after the October Revolution. He is the developer of the world’s first four-engined aircraft “Russian Knight” (1913), a heavy four-engined bomber and the passenger aircraft “Ilya Muromets” (1914), as well as the serial famous helicopter (USA, 1942).

The date of the beginning of space exploration is considered to be 1957, when the Soviet Union was the first to launch the spacecraft Sputnik-1 into space as part of its space program. On this day, the spherical satellite entered the orbit, transmitting back the signal of a successful launch and fixing the Russian word “Sputnik” forever in all languages of the world. Unfortunately, today, Russia accounts for less than 5% of the world telecommunication market, which actively uses space satellites.

As for advanced information technologies, it is no secret that behind such well-known and globally popular companies as Google, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Parallels, ABBYY, EPAM Systems, Luxoft and others are the founders who were born in the USSR. As of today, the headquarters most of these companies are located in the United States.

Evident from the above facts, for two centuries, most inventors in Russia have not been able to arrange the commercial use of their inventions in their homeland. Russia has always been leading in the number and quality of the most important inventions for humankind, but it has clearly lost out to many developed countries in terms of their practical implementation in the economy. Why?

In my opinion, the main reason has been and still is in the lack of the necessary socio-economic environment for the implementation of innovations. The most important components of such an environment are political stability in the country, a fair judicial system that protects intellectual property and investment, financial, administrative and moral support for the creative part of the intellectual society. Also, the presence of various and competing facilities for the market financing of scientific and technical developments, and, most importantly, the attitude to science as the main engine of economic development and, accordingly, a tool for making money are mandatory for innovation growth.

Unfortunately, almost all of these major components of the socio-economic environment are still not developed in Russia at present, which will affect the further export of technological inventions. Loren Graham, Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology noted that: “Russia will not be able to get enough milk unless it creates ideal conditions for a cow. Any inventions will not be of great practical importance until the necessary environment is created for the implementation and commercialization of innovations”.

A long-term concentration on the raw material sectors of the Russian economy, combined with the strengthening of state capitalism held Russia back. The lack of judicial protection for inventors and businessmen, the lack of market financing for the development and implementation of innovations, as well as the pressure on a creative part of the population, year by year, push Russia away from the countries in which an innovative economy is growing, and which are ready to adopt and support with great pleasure, talented scientists, inventors and businessmen unrecognized in Russia.

It is frustrating that Russia, which is one of the top 5 countries in the world in terms of the number of inventions that are most important for humankind, has been consistently, for two hundred years, losing out to its main competitors in the innovation race, and over the past 30 years, to many so-called “third world countries” which until recently have not got any fundamental science at all.

In the total volume of export trade of civil science-intensive products on the world market, Russia’s share is estimated at 0.3 %, while the share of the United States is 39%, Japan is 30%, Germany is 15%, and China is 6 %. These figures are very important because, according to most economists, including Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz, innovation is the only real source of the wealth-growth in the modern world as a whole.

Given a relatively low level of taxation, a high level of general volume of education of the population, the number of talented Russian inventors, the unique base of fundamental science that is still preserved since the Soviet period, especially in such subjects as mathematics, physics, chemistry, IT, biotechnology, space and nuclear technologies, it is safe to assume that Russia could be capable of returning to the top five most innovative economies in the world. Russia could radically change its image, becoming an attractive country for domestic and foreign inventors and investors instead of continuing to export “brains” to other countries!

Covid-19 may have changed the world, but major conditions of innovation growth remain valid. This situation opens new opportunities for entrepreneurial activities worldwide. In the nearest ten years we will see if Russia is able to return to the club of the most innovative countries or lag even further behind its competitors.

Konstantin Dzhimbinov PhD.

Senior Partner RB Partners, M&A and VC advisory firm


August 2020

Globalscope M&A league table success celebrated at virtual six-monthly conference of May 2020
   Globalscope and Corbett Keeling are delighted to announce that, in the first quarter of 2020, Globalscope came top of the Mergermarket league rankings for the key European region of Germany.   Globalscope celebrated this success at its April six monthly conference which, in keeping with the relentless entrepreneurialism of its 55 Independent M&A firms and 1 Global Family, was held virtually. Jim Keeling, President of Globalscope and Chairman of UK member firm Corbett Keeling commented: “It was excellent to see over 100 members of our extended global family getting together for our first ever virtual conference.The exchange of M&A ideas was second to none, demonstrating our commitment to serve our clients’ needs even in these different times.  Our family is here for your family.  So please do contact us to advise you on selling your business or buying a target.”    
Conference in New Delhi (India) on October 31st, 2019
   The event was attended by Konstantin Dzhimbinov, Senior Partner with RB Partners. The press release of the Globalscope conference says that the event ignites robust deal collaboration and deeper understanding of M&A opportunities in India. “Never had more deal referrals in a conference than this one…” Koen Vanclooster, Common Ground. This comment, overheard during the closing lunch of Globalscope’s Fall Semi-Annual Conference, says it all.   Delegates from across the world, gathered in New Delhi, India, with a sense of “Vasudhaiva Kuthumbakam, 1 Global Family”, as described by Co-host Hari Iyer, Director of a’XYKno Capital Services. Members collaborated on international deal mandates with fellow members, discussed global industry trends and developed a deeper understanding of India’s M&A landscape. Co-host RCS Advisors’ CEO, Kamal Rungta commented, “We expect, based on our members’ first-hand experience of India, more opportunities for their clients between India and rest of the world”.   During the 3-day conference, members presented over 100 deal opportunities across six main sectors on behalf of their clients. This conference also launched a new specialist group, focused on Renewable energy sector deals – an increasingly prominent area in which we add value for those we represent.   Globalscope President, Jim Keeling of UK member firm Corbett Keeling, commented, “Many thanks to our co-hosts, for providing a superb backdrop for our 26th Semi-Annual Conference. We have not only collaborated on cross-border mandates but also enjoyed the wonderful culture of India, and from our guest speakers, Invest India and Trilegal, gained great insight into the rapidly developing opportunities for M&A and doing business in India.   ”The members also celebrated during a Gala Dinner by honoring those Globalscope firms that had achieved special recognition during the preceding six months:
  • Most Active Member: Carlsquare (Germany), delivering successful closings for 15 of their clients.
  • Most Valuable Deal: Silverpeak (UK), secured for their client, the network’s largest transaction.
  • Globalscope Flagship Deal: Carlsquare (Germany) and Silverpeak (UK) again took the honors for the best cross-border deal successfully completed because of our global family’s relationships.
RB Partners participated in the GLOBALSCOPE international investment conference in Paris on April 17th, 2019
   In 1987, a group of consultants in corporate finance and business consulting merged to support clients in cross-border transactions. After 30 years, Globalscope has got 10,000 completed transactions worldwide and 55 members in 48 countries.   The Globalscope spring conference was held on April 10-13 in Paris, France. At the conference, it was announced that Globalscope completed 77 transactions amounting to € 1,628 million during 4Q 2018 and 1Q 2019, which was an exceptional result. In addition, Doniyor Islamov made a presentation on New Investment Horizons in Uzbekistan. The presentation aroused a great interest on the part of Globascope participants, and many of them offered projects with intent for cooperation in Uzbekistan.   The above was followed by industry-specific meetings in consumer, telecommunication, financial, industrial and service sectors. At those meetings, investment opportunities in each of the sectors were presented.   During the gala dinner at the Chateau de Versailles, the Globalscope companies with the best results were awarded prizes. Paramax (USA) and CatCap (Germany) were honored with the top position, as each of the companies completed 8 transactions during Q4 2018 and Q1 2019.   Finally, it was announced that the next Globalscope conference would be held in New Delhi (India) in the fall of 2019 and would be organized by RCS Advisors.
22 February 2019 Management of the innovation centre “MUIC” and RB Partners signed a Memorandum of Understanding
Management of the innovation centre “Mirzo Ulugbek Innovation Centre”, with support of the management of the national agency of projects of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan and international company RB Technologies held a meeting, at which they discussed conceptual questions and concrete measures to work together with the aim of furthering cooperation in the sphere of information technologies within banks. In particular, they identified specific directions for future cooperation, naming development and participation in joint projects in the IT industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan using the latest technologies. The result of the meeting was signing of the Memorandum of Understanding and the beginning of fruitful cooperation.
The business event «Venture Capital and the Future of Sharing Economy» on December 20th, 2018, Moscow
On December 20, 2018, in Moscow, EY together with RB Partners held a by-invitation-only event called «Venture Capital and the Future of Sharing Economy». The event was attended by managers of venture capital funds of Russia and senior executives from high-tech companies. Together with the participants, the speakers discussed the latest trends in the venture capital market, the results of the first half of 2018 (RB Partners), as well as the prospects for the development of the Sharing Economy as one of the most significant objects.
SEMI-ANNUAL FALL CONFERENCE IN TBILISI, GEORGIA FACILITATES ROBUST DEAL COLLBAORATION AND USHERS IN NEW MEMBERS FROM MEXICO AND BULGARIA Globalscope, the international M&A network, is pleased to announce the successful expansion of its global partner base which now extends across 48 countries covering all major world economies. The new partners were elected at the 24th semi-annual Globalscope conference, hosted by Georgian member firm, Alliance Group Capital (AGC). Delegates from member firms across the world, gathered in Tbilisi, Georgia, to collaborate on international deal opportunities with fellow members, discuss global industry trends and develop M&A best practices. This conference saw two new observer firms, SORTIS Invest E00D of Bulgaria, and PoNT CVC of Mexico, attending to present as prospective members. The network approved membership for both firms and welcomed the new partners. The core  of the 3 day conference programme was members  convering for deal discussions,  organized by sector , as a catalyst for initiating, nurturing and identifying transactional opportunities. Globalscope recognizes six industry sectors, each headed by experts to provide leadership in discussions on global trends and collaborative prospects. Globalscope  President, Jim Keeling of UK member firm Corbett Keeling , commented, «This conference yielded particularly robust discussions beween network members, reaping a record number of potential cross-border deals that members are taking away from the conference».
M&A advisor rating in Russia for 2017
The information-analytical Agency PREQVECA within the framework of the project Mergers.ru also known as «Mergers and Acquisitions in Russia» has prepared the M&A advisor rating for 2017. The rating is based on the data obtained from advisor companies, as well as media materials. There were 17 legal, 10 investment and 3 financial advisors who took part in our ratings in 2017. Top three investment advisors: I — Gazprombank II — RB Partners III — Skolkovo Ventures The full version of the rating is available at: http://mergers.ru/rankings/
December 5, 2017, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

The International Business Forum «FDIUZ» targeted to raise foreign direct investments for the Republic of Uzbekistan was held on December 5, 2017 in the hotel «Hyatt Regency» in Tashkent.

The event organized by the State Investment Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan jointly with the International Investment Group RB Partners was devoted to studying international experience in raising foreign investments and increasing the investment attractiveness of Uzbekistan.

Azim Ahmedkhodzhaev, Chairman of the State Investments Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and other participants stated that within the framework of the Action Strategy for 2017-2021, the country was carrying out large-scale reforms aimed at encouragement of raising foreign investments.

The event was attended by more than 200 executives from Ministries and Departments, leading foreign and local investment experts, heads of state and largest private companies in Uzbekistan. The presentations addressing the issues of investment promotion, public-private partnership mechanisms, the development of a strategic approach to attracting investors were made by the heads of International M&A Association Globalscope, Strategy Partners Group, the RB Partners Group, the Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector and Porter Novelli.

Now, when large-scale reforms are ongoing in Uzbekistan, foreign investments play an important role. Therefore, it is very significant that the Organizing Committee of this event has managed to bring together the world’s leading experts in the field of attracting investments, said Konstantin Dzhimbinov, Senior Partner of the RB Partners Group.

The measures implemented in Uzbekistan for improving the business climate, advancing the legal framework at the level of worldwide standards are winning recognition of international organizations. Thus, in the World Bank’s «Doing business-2018» rating, Uzbekistan has climbed 13 positions and has entered the top ten world leaders in terms of improving the business climate.

The holding of this Forum has coincided with the opening of RB Asia, a permanent office of the RB Partners Group in Tashkent. The company will provide services for pre-investment preparation of enterprises in Uzbekistan, the subsequent support of the process of raising foreign investments as well as supporting business purchase and sale transactions.

VideoThe International Business Forum «FDIUZ»

October 24, 2017, Moscow, Russia

The venture fund RB Capital and Igor Luts, the co-founder of BBDO Moscow agency, have invested in DVR that is a Russian team VR-shooter developer. The funds will be used for creating the content and developing game zones in Russia, England and the US, where DVR has been already working with Marvel and the entertainer Will.i.am. DVR is a developer of Engage VR parks that are virtual reality spaces for team games. Each site can admit up to 12 players, the cost of tickets varies from RUB 400 to RUB 900. The project has developed two shooters — «VR-Polygon» and «Mafia VR».

The startup has opened four virtual reality parks in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and it is planning to launch two more VR-zones jointly with the network of multiplexes Luxor in Moscow and Sochi until the end of 2017. The company is also going to open play zones in Voronezh, Krasnodar and Tyumen. DVR co-founder Alexey Svirsky told to the edition that DVR had concluded tentative agreements with partners from Seattle and Los Angeles. In addition, they are negotiating the launch of a game zone in London.

More details about the deal

October 11-14, 2017, Perth, Australia

Konstantin Dzhimbinov, Senior partner of RB Partners, participated in the 22th Semi-Annual Globalscope Conference in Perth, Australia. Globalscope Partners, the international M&A network, is pleased to announce the successful expansion of the network on the conference hosted by Tomkins Turner. During the conference, Globalscope was delighted to welcome two new member firms from Turkey and Uzbekistan. The next Globalscope conference will be held in Panama City, South America in April 2018. Please visit  www.globalscopepartners.com/members for a full list of Globalscope’s members and locations.

October 2, Moscow, Russia

RB Partners has concluded an Agreement on strategic cooperation and partnership with the All-Russian public organization «The Russian Academy of Natural Sciences» (RANS). The parties agreed on strategic cooperation in the field of science and technology development and fund raising for science researches and design and experimential inventions.

August 21, Moscow, Russia

RB Capital, the venture fund Foresight+ and a group of private investors have funded $550 thousand to concierge services for automobile repair and maintenance. After the crisis, in the new car market in Russia, investors are looking for new ways to earn money in the automobile niche that is huge both in terms of money and in terms of its volume. The venture fund Foresight+, RB Capital and business angels have jointly invested $550 thousand in Alfred.

The company came up with a completely innovative for Russia model of auto-concierge: the service clients make a call to a specialist, a car driver, who runs over the car to a partner service, monitors the quality of repair and returns the car at the client’s convenience to a required location. The fee for such a concierge service is fixed and it amounts to Ruble 2,000 regardless of the repair cost, in addition, any communication with clients is carried out via messengers, and the provided repair services are paid for online by card. The targeted group of the project includes owners of the cars valued from Ruble 800 thousand on the secondary market, with the income of Ruble 100 thousand a month. The service is available only in Moscow. Alfred has raised investments from the funds Foresight+ , RB Capital and a group of private investors. Investments will be used to implement projects of automation of the order processing and routing system for concierges, to connect additional partner services and expand sales channels. “In Alfred, we have seen something that is not available in other projects at all — energy, desire and ability to introduce a completely drastic change to the traditional auto repair market. Plus, they are not green startuppers, it’s a team with a number of successful businesses in the portfolio”, Zimin said. «First of all, Alfred is a very strong and charismatic team that has concentrated its efforts on creating the service and it is always ready to perfect itself and absorb the best practices from related markets. Unlike other projects in the segment, Alfred is the only player who has moved along much further than just being an aggregator, and it has completely relieved the client’s headache on all matters relating to the car, playing on the user’s basic laziness and providing an ultra-level service at this,» said Anton Poletaev, RB Capital’s Partner. Foresight+ became a lead investor of the seed round, the rest was invested by RB Capital and a few business angels. It was done intentionally: the funds were able to cover the entire amount of the transaction, but the project had an interest in the synergy with experienced business angels. The deal was fully structured within the Russian law as a convertible loan. Unlike any other car service aggregators, Alfred provides a guarantee for the repair, insures every car that is received from clients, and all the drivers are employed with the company. As they say in the company, the service works with both official dealers and conventional vehicle service stations. The client is always offered the most optimal solution for his particular case.

Please see more details on the transaction (Forbes)

June 16-17, 2017, St. Petersburg, Russia

RB Partners has successfully hosted the European Forum of Globalscope Association in St. Petersburg.

Globalscope representatives from 14 European member countries met to discuss cross-border deals, new projects, ideas and opportunities in the field of mergers and acquisitions at the Forum in St. Petersburg. The event was held at the Sokos Olympia Garden Hotel on June 16-17, 2017. The event was attended by representatives of investment banking firms from Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Hungary, Czech Republic, Turkey, Denmark, Poland.

RB Partners prepared official and cultural programs for the Forum guests with a joint trip to Peterhof at the end.

The next international conference of Globalscope will be held in Perth, Australia, in October 2017.

A complete list of the Globalscope member companies, as well as more detailed information about the Association, can be found at www.globalscopepartners.com/members.

April 10, 2017, Thaw on the Russian venture capital market

The Group of companies RB Partners and EY have jointly completed a research of the Russian venture capital market for 2016. The study focuses on technology transactions (venture and advanced-stage transactions, including IPOs, M&A, as well as partially grants and venture debt) in Russia. In 2016, the mood of market participants changed — they began to demonstrate more optimism, especially in the midst of the crisis of 2014 and 2015. It was evidenced by both the figures and the opinions of the market players.

There was a significant growth in investment volumes: from $ 383 mln to $ 894 mln (thanks to large deals: HeadHunter, Gett, Pixonic, Delivery Club). The volume of early-stage venture deals decreased from $ 372 mln to $ 231 mln. However, there was just a token increase in deal numbers (from 297 to 302).

There was a transformation of the market in the B2B segment. If in previous years, the majority of investors ran alongside the time-tested areas such as corporate management systems, platforms and traditional B2B solutions, then in 2016, investments in these segments significantly decreased. Investors continue to believe in software and cybersecurity segments. It is appropriate to talk about searching new, more sustainable investment ideas.

Preferences also changed in the B2C segment: investments in e-commerce and search/recommendations declined dramatically (it was a result of both consumer market contraction and a change of technology paradigms). Investors believed in such services as transportation, travel, repairs and cleaning, reflecting the uberization vogue. There was also a strong growth in the gaming segment being a global trend based on fast-developing VR/AR and AI tech solutions.

IT and internet based projects are keeping their dominance. It is unlikely that the market structure will change in the near future. The biotechnology sector has traditionally slightly diluted the pattern of past years. However, it is worth noting that investors are now interested in industrial technologies that have already outstripped biotech.

Arseniy Dabbakh, Partner with RB Partners, said, “We saw a very strong surge of interest in technology from corporations, and as a result of about 30 exits in 2016 and the launch of more than 5 new corporate venture funds. The venture market in Russia occupies less than 0.5% of the world market so far, but the trend and the interest on behalf of corporations cause the optimism”.

Anton Ustimenko, Partner with EY, Head of the group for rendering services to tech, telecom and media sector companies for the CIS, said, “Reduction of the total investment volume of Russian venture deals by 38% was predictable. Within the past few years, participants of the Russian venture industry have noted a small number of exits as the main obstacle to its development. Little strokes fell great oaks, and in 2016, corporations, in search of new competencies and markets, began to acquire companies more actively, mainly in the technological sector. Therefore, more efficient interaction between the venture industry, startups and corporations can give a new impulse to the Russian venture market in 2017”.

The report is available at: Thaw on the Russian venture capital market

March 28-29, 2017, Milan, Italy

Anton Poletaev, Partner of RB Partners, participated in the 21th Semi-Annual Globalscope Conference in Milan, Italy.

Globalscope Partners Ltd., an international M&A network, is pleased to share the news of the successful expansion of its international partner base to 53 members in 43 countries. At the 21st semi-annual conference, hosted by Benedetti & Associates and Palladio Corporate Finance, more than 85 delegates met in Milan to discuss deal opportunities, hear from local industry and M&A experts, meet local investors and develop the network.

The 2½ day conference programme incorporated best practice presentations on marketing, integration and collaboration within the network, and working with PE firms. In addition, the Globalscope group also undertook briefings on the Italian economy, and M&A in Italy from law firm CBA Studio Legale e Tributario.

Giuseppe Benedetti, Founder of Benedetti & Associates, stated, “One of the themes of this Globalscope conference was how to increase our activity with private equity firms. We met the Milan private equity community and received valuable insight on the new, future needs of investment funds.”

The following two observer firms attended the conference and were voted in and welcomed as new members:

  • (1) First Southeast Investment Partners, from Romania
  • (2) IFBC, from Switzerland

The next Globalscope conference will be held in Perth, Australia in October 2017.

Please visit www.globalscopepartners.com/members for a full list of Globalscope’s members and locations.

February 3, 2017, Moscow, Russia

RB Partners announced its merger with RMG Partners’ team.

RB Partners Group announced its merger with a team of RMG Partners with a goal to enhance its M&A practice. Prior to this merger RB Partners was ranked No. 3 by Russia M&A Awards 2016 as “The Best Russian Investment Bank″ after Gazprombank and VTB Capital, with 8 deals closed within the year, including the sale of 30% in Yota Devices, 100% in Intersport Russia, minority shares in iGooods (food delivery service) and a global leader in development of stickers for iOS Sticker.Place etc.

Since 2004 RB Partners is focused on M&A deals for Russian mid-cap companies as well as on venture fundraising for technological start-ups. Since 2004, RB Partners team completed over 80 projects for a total amount exceeding US$2.5 billion. In 2015, RB Partners Group also launched RB Capital, a venture investment fund that closed 4 transactions for technology companies in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

Konstantin Dzhimbinov, Senior Partner and Founder of RB Partners, said, «It is a good time now for the emergence and development of M&A firms in Russia, which in many respects is connected with the withdrawal of foreign investment banks from the market, as well as with previous purchases of leading Russian M&A advisors by state-owned banks. At the same time, the current situation contributes to re-distribution of the capital between different sectors and players. It is especially true for small and medium enterprises and technology start-ups which cannot afford to pay millions as fees typically required by large investment banks, and which are reasonably not of any interest to large investment banks at this stage of their development. However, there should be someone to render advisory services for this uneasy process of sale and purchase of businesses and raising investments! Therefore, several years ago, we chose a strategy of working in this very client segment, offsetting smaller amounts of fees by an increased number of closed deals. It is beneficial to us and beneficial to our clients! After the sanction depression, the market is now on positive expectations that reasonably contributes to increased activities in M&A. That is why the merge of M&A teams of RB Partners and RMG Partners is of a strategic importance for us».

According to Alexey Goryachev, Head of RMG Partners that merged with RB Partners, who has become now Senior Partner with RB Partners, «A new team has ambitious plans. Our companies joined their teams and now we are one of the largest players in the market — 20 professionals and partners with a cumulative experience of over 100 years. For many years, RMG Partners has been publishing the analytics of the venture capital market of the Russian Federation and it is a recognized expert of the market. We stood at the origins of the Association for alternative investment (PE/VC) naima-russia.org and we are heading the Committee for venture investments in the Association. After joining the teams, by present, we have become de facto the largest investment advisor in M&A and venture financing for technology startups and SMEs by both a number of completed deals and a number of employees. This will objectively allow us to serve more customers in a professional and efficient way, which should benefit the market».

January 23, 2017, Moscow, Russia

Interview of Alexey Goryachev, Senior Partner of RB Partners on mediametrics.ru

Video The most important events and deals in IT at the start of 2017 year

January 11, 2017, Moscow, Russia

Interview of Alexander Lukin, Senior Partner with RB Partners, on the sale of Yota Devices to Hong Kong company Rex Global

Article The sale of Yota Devices to Chinese company

November 30, 2016, Moscow, Russia

RB Partners has been ranked 3rd in the nomination “The Best Russian Investment Bank — 2016″ after Gazprombank and VTB Capital

RB Partners has been ranked among three leaders of Russia M&A Awards 2016 in the nomination «The Best Russian Investment Bank». The ceremony of this largest M&A award in Russia was held within the frame of the VII Russian M&A Congress on November 30, 2016. Over 100 M&A professionals participated in the event representing investment banks, consulting and law firms, large companies, private funds and venture capital investors.

Anton Poletaev and Alexander Lukin, Partners with RB Partners, receiving this honorary award, said: “We express gratitude to our clients and partners for appreciation of our work and are proud of our status as the largest private player in the Russian M&A Advisory market. Our company will continue to provide services to the Russian mid-cap companies, as well as to execute deals in the venture segment, where we see great potential for the development.»

November 18, 2016, Moscow

Alexander Lukin, Partner with RB Partners, spoke at the AccEssMeeting seminar on raising investments for Russian companies from China and the Middle East countries. The seminar was organized under sponsorship of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, Sberbank, VTB Bank and KPMG. Representatives of the largest Russian banks, State corporations and companies of the real economy participated in the seminar. Mr. Lukin’s speech was on the case of Yota Devices as successful involvement of a Chinese investor.

September 29, 2016, Moscow, Russia

RB Partners was ranked Number II at the VIIIth Russian Private Equity Congress in the nomination «The Best Russian Advisor in the PE Market.»

The award ceremony was held on September 29, 2016 in the Congress hall of the Courtyard Marriott Hotel, Moscow. The event was attended by more than 120 professionals in the venture capital and PE market, it was organized by Cbonds information agency and PREQVECA, an information and analytical website.

Anton Poletaev, Partner with RB Partners, has stated at the ceremony: «Receiving this award is very honorable for us, because leading private equity funds and venture capital funds of Russia participated in the voting. This year, thanks to our partners and clients, we have successfully managed to close 5 deals for 8 months. Specifically, our services included a full range of investment and banking services for the development of fund raising strategies, identification of potential investors, negotiating on behalf of our clients and all the work associated with signing and closing transactions. We are very proud of our clients who were able to successfully attract financing for their business development even in times of crisis».

September 28 — October 01, 2016, Dallas, USA

Grigory Oganesyan, Head of M&A and Corporate finance, and Natalia Pribytkina, Director, North-Western Federal District, participated in the 20th Semi-Annual Globalscope Conference in Dallas.

Globalscope Partners Ltd., an international M&A network, is pleased to announce the successful expansion of its international partner base to 51 members in 41 countries. At the 20th semi-annual conference, hosted by Allegiance Capital Corporation, more than 65 delegates met in Dallas to discuss deal opportunities, hear from local industry and M&A experts, and develop the network.

David J. Mahmood, chairman and founder of Allegiance Capital, stated, “we’re on the verge of the greatest transfer of wealth in our nation’s history, so it’s a great time for Dallas to be selected as the host city for Globalscope’s M&A conference. We’re honored to be part of it – and we’re going to make sure each of our members gets a Texas-sized welcome.”

The following six observer firms attended the conference and were all voted in and welcomed as new members:

  • Atout Capital from France
  • Grubisic & Partners from Croatia
  • MelCap Partners from the United States
  • Brooks and Houghton from the United States
  • Fieldstone Africa from South Africa
  • EV Consulting from Armenia

Russell D’Alba, Paramax Corporation, United States, celebrated his first conference as Globalscope President. Mr. D’Alba, stated, “it is a privilege and honor to continue the exceptional legacy of past presidents, including the expansive growth under Immediate Past President, Michael Moritz, from Germany. It is my goal as President to foster an even stronger network and create a more efficient organizational structure, for the benefit of all Globalscope members.”

For transaction performance in the last six months, Globalscope awarded the following member firms:

  • GLOBALSCOPE FLAGSHIP DEAL: Summa Capital & RB Partners
  • MOST ACTIVE MEMBER: CatCap – 11 deals
  • LARGEST DEAL: Silverpeak, for the Magic Pony Technology sale to Twitter

The next Globalscope conference will be held in Milan, Italy in March 2017.

Please visit www.globalscopepartners.com/members for a full list of Globalscope’s members and locations.

September 8, 2016, Moscow, Russia

Interview of Constantin Gubin, Partner of RB Partners on «Blockchain is a revolution!»

Video Blockchain is a revolution!

September 7, 2016, Moscow, Russia

Interview of Constantin Gubin, Partner of RB Partners, about artificial intelligence and era of capital end

Video About robots, artificial intelligence and era of capital end

July 4-7, 2016, YanTai, China

RB Partners became one of the participants of the global event on the founding of the High-tech Park Alliance «Silk Road» (SRSPA) which took place in July 2016 in China. By present, the Alliance has about 80 Chinese enterprises and more than 40 organizations from other countries. Primarily, SRSPA is engaged in the conclusion of agreements in the field of education, biotechnology and intellectual property being an open association formed on a voluntary basis and a principle of equality. More than 400 representatives from 9 countries of the world, including Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Lithuania took part in the constituent meeting of the new alliance.

Elena Matveenko, the RB Partners’ representative, made a presentation entitled «New investment opportunities for Russia and China» at the opening of the association. In her opinion, «the establishment of the High-tech Park Alliance «Silk Road» shall open up new opportunities for raising Chinese investments for Russian projects and the transfer of technologies as the main tool of innovative development of companies. The creation of such a platform as SRSPA shall be extremely important for implementation of joint projects with other countries. Today, with the increasing mutual interest between Russia and China, such a tool shall greatly facilitate the creation and implementation of new innovative projects.»

July 1-2, 2016, Moscow, Russia

The RB Partners Group has successfully held the XII-th Strategic Session in the Health Complex “The Klyazma” on the shore of the Klyazminskoye water reservoir.

All participants demonstrated a high level of interest and contributed to the discussion and development of proposals for the session results. This event has been a subsequent stage in the development of a formalized business strategy in part of direct production operations, the work with clients within a framework of transactions and beyond their limits. All the team members participated in the regatta on yachts and the tournament of mini Golf on the second day of the event.

Video Regatta RB Partners 2016

June 9-10, 2016, Novosibirsk, Russia

The RB Partners Group has been a debutant at the X-th Siberian Venture Fair. It was represented by RB Capital, the venture fund, and RB Partners, the M&A advisory company.

Roman Soloviev, COO with the RB Partners Group, represented the company as a speaker and took an active part in discussions at the section «The venture capital market – the day to come, what it is bearing». His presentation on the transaction of YotaDevices with Rex Global has caused a storm of discussions. «While executing such transactions, one should be ready for an extensive negotiation cycle and strong commitments to China throughout the entire process», Roman Soloviev explained. «I would like to personally thank RVCA represented by Albina Nikkonen for high-quality organization of the event, an interesting format and effective integration of the two events organically complement each other: The Siberian Venture Fair and Techprom, at which mature companies as well as promising startups have been presented!»

June 7, 2016, Moscow, Russia

RB Partners has been ranked among Top 3 companies nominated for The Best Russian Advisors on the VC market, according to Russia VC Awards 2016.

The ceremony of granting this largest reward in the area of venture investments was held within the framework of the IVth Forum of venture investors on June 7th, 2016. Over 100 venture market professionals participated in the event representing the largest venture funds, advisory and legal firms, as well as private investors.

Grigory Oganesyan, Head of the Corporate Finance with RB Partners, said while getting an honorary prize at the Russia VC Awards 2016 ceremony, “Acknowledgement on behalf of our clients and partners is very important for us. We are thankful to the Award sponsors and the votes of the market members for giving credence to us; and we shall keep working for the benefit of our clients”.

May 17-18, 2016, Saint Petersburg, Russia

“Russian Pharmaceutical Forum 2016” in Saint Petersburg has been a success. RB Partners was the Forum’s partner and sponsor.

The following international pharmaceutical giants took part in the event: Abbott Laboratories, Alvogen Bayer Pharma, Berlin-Chemie, Biogen Interntional, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, Ipsen, Merck Nanolek, Novo Nordisk, Sanofi, Petrovax Pharm, Roche and others.

The pharma industry key subjects were discussed at the Forum: patent protection, business competition, modification of strategies of pharmaceutical companies under crisis conditions, pricing. The market players were informed of the latest regulatory and legal changes in the pharma sector

April 23-24, 2016, Kazan, Tatarstan

RB Partners hosted the IV Conference of specialists with international engagement regarding hormonal health and preservation of life quality and longevity.

Presentation about the event HRT Excellence Days 2016.pdf

March 21-24, 2016, Shanghai, China

Konstantin Dzhimbinov, Partner of RB Partners, and Grigory Oganesyan, Head of Corporate finance, participated in the 19th Semi-Annual Conference in Shanghai.

Globalscope Partners, the international M&A network, hold successfully the 19th semi-annual conference in Shanghai, hosted by Beijing HRS Consulting, more than 60 delegates met in Shanghai to discuss deal opportunities, hear from local industry and M&A experts, and develop the network. Beijing HRS organized a two-day tour prior to the conference with company visits to key economic areas close to Shanghai. During deal meeting-sessions at the conference, members had time to explore deal opportunities for their clients, to talk about M&A and PE practice in China.

Insignia Financial Advisors from Panama attended the conference to present their firm for membership and was voted in and welcomed as a new partner.

Michael Moritz, Parnter of CatCap, Germany, celebrated the end of his three-year tenure as president of Globalscope. Under Mr Moritz’s leadership, Globalscope has doubled its membership roster, including the merger with the Asia M&A network, and vastly improved the quality of interaction between partners. Michael Moritz will continue as board member of Globalscope.

Newly elected president of Globalscope is Russell D’Alba from Paramax Corporation, USA.

The next Globalscope conference will be held in Dallas in September 2016.


Please visit www.globalscopepartners.com/members for a full list of Globalscope’s members and locations.

March 20-21, 2016, China

Konstantin Dzhimbinov, Partner of RB Partners, and Grigory Oganesyan, Head of M&A and Corporate finance, met with representatives of the municipal administration, the chambers of commerce and industrial parks in Shaoxing and Jiaxing cities and discussed issues of the international cooperation, fund raising and foundation of international companies.

November 13, 2015, Moscow, Russia

Konstantin Dzhimbinov, Partner of RB Partners, participated in Coordination board meeting of Moscow Exchange innovation and investment market featuring Anatoly Chubais, Chairman of the Executive Board of Rusnano, and Alexander Afanasiev, Chairman of the Executive Board of Moscow Exchange.

October 8, 2015, Moscow, Russia

Konstantin Dzhimbinov, Partner of RB Partners, spoke at the seminar «Fund raising in a down economy» for key managers and companies’ executives — potential emitents of the Innovation and Investment Market sector and also for IPOboard registered companies, which took place on the Moscow Exchange.

October 7-10, 2015, Tel Aviv, Israel

Grigory Oganesyan, Head of M&A and Corporate finance, participated in the 18th Semi-Annual Conference in Tel Aviv.

Globalscope Partners, the international M&A network, is pleased to announce the successful expansion of the network at the 18th Semi-Annual Conference in Tel Aviv.

Michael Moritz, President of Globalscope, commented, “I am extremely pleased to report on another successful Globalscope conference. I would like to pay special thanks to the team at Portofino Investments, Globalscope member in Tel Aviv, who not only organised our largest event to date, but also provided a broad view of the opportunities for international M&A in Israel.”

Mr Moritz went on to welcome Common Ground to the network, “We are delighted to welcome our 46th member to Globalscope: Common Ground Corporate Finance, Belgium, a strong mid-market M&A firm with sector specialisations in Financial Services, Agriculture, and Private Equity. Globalscope now has members in 39 countries worldwide.”

The next Globalscope conference will be held in Shanghai in March, 2016.

Please visit www.globalscopepartners.com/members for a full list of Globalscope’s members and locations.

March 23-27, 2015, Jakarta, Indonesia

Konstantin Dzhimbinov, Partner of RB Partners, participated in the 17th Semi-Annual Globalscope conference.

A total of 37 delegates from the Globalscope partner base attended the conference, which was held at the newly opened Raffles Hotel in Jakarta. The 5-day conference format incorporated a new segment, co-hosted by KADIN, the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce, welcoming numerous local and ASEAN industry leaders to meet with Globalscope delegates to discuss opportunities and to network.

Globalscope partners have commented that the access to local markets and direct contact with business owners provided a unique insight into the region, and take away several new opportunities to offer their clients.

During the conference, Globalscope welcomed two new member firms, both leading M&A advisors in their respective countries:

  • Impello Management AS, from Norway
  • Tomkins Turner, from Australia

Michael Moritz, President of Globalscope, commented, “I would like to pay special thanks to Fadjar Sutandi, and the team at NaXeL iPartners, for organising this very special event that brought Globalscope partners together, including our new colleagues from the ex-Asia M&A network, for the first time since the merger in Athens last October.”

The next Globalscope conference will be held in Tel Aviv in October 2015.

Please visit www.globalscopepartners.com/members for a full list of Globalscope’s members and locations.

November 3, 2014 Globalscope Partners announce merger with Asia M&A Group

At the recent semi-annual conference in Athens, the members of the Globalscope network voted unanimously in favour of a merger with Asia M&A Group. The merger adds 9 key firms in Asia, and boosts the total Globalscope roster to 44 firms in 38 countries.


The firms joining Globalscope from Asia M&A Group include:

  • RCS Advisors (India) Pvt. Ltd. — Pune, India
  • a’XYKno Capital Services Ltd. — Mumbai, India
  • Naxel iPartners — Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Kaede Financial Advisory Inc. — Tokyo, Japan
  • H-Partners — Seoul, Korea
  • Stirling Coleman — Singapore
  • Nexus Group — Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Auxesia Holdings — Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • MBMG Corporate Solutions Co. Ltd. — Bangkok, Thailand

Please visit www.globalscopepartners.com/members for a full list of Globalscope’s members and locations.


October 1-4, 2014, Athens, Greece

Konstantin Dzhimbinov, Partner of RB Partners, participated in the 16th Semi-Annual Globalscope conference.

Globalscope Partners, the international M&A network, is pleased to announce the successful expansion of the network at the 16th Semi-Annual Conference in Athens.

27 of the 32 member firms sent 42 delegates to attend the conference to discuss deal opportunities, sector trends, and to network. The conference opened with the traditional M&A cocktail party, a networking event that included top companies & PE firms from Greece to meet and discuss opportunities with Globalscope member firms.

During the conference, Globalscope welcomed three new member firms, all leading M&A advisors in their respective countries:

  • Capital Times from the Ukraine Alliance
  • Group Capital from Georgia
  • Bluemint Capital from Portugal

Michael Moritz, President of Globalscope, commented, “Globalscope is proud of the continuous growth of the network — further steps will follow in the near future”, adding, with regards to the conference in Greece, “We were impressed to see all the opportunities for foreign investors in Greece in an improved economic environment”.

The conference included external speakers representing Enterprise Greece Investment & Trade and Eurobank, giving a detailed picture of the current situation of the Greek economy and pointing out business opportunities.

The next Globalscope conference will be held in Jakarta in March 2015.

Please visit www.globalscopepartners.com/members for a full list of Globalscope’s members and locations.

April 2-5, 2014, Cape Town, South Africa

Konstantin Dzhimbinov, Partner of RB Partners, participated in the 15th Semi-Annual Globalscope conference.

The four day conference programme, hosted by Globalscope’s member in South Africa, GKA Capital, was attended by more than 40 partners from 23 of Globalscope’s 32 member firms. For the reception at the Radisson Blu Hotel, the members were joined by numerous selected Southern African entrepreneurs and investors.

Local experts of the Black Managers Forum and of the leading South African Banking and Financial Services Group, SASFIN, provided insight into the opportunities and challenges in South Africa. Extensive sector meetings and best practice presentations by the Globalscope members evidenced the close relationships established in the network for the benefit of our clients.

October 9-12, 2013, London, Great Britain

Konstantin Dzhimbinov, Partner of RB Partners, participated in Globalscope biannual conference.

The four day conference programme brought together over 40 partners from 25 of Globalscope’s 31 member firms, meeting at the Ritz Hotel in Piccadilly, London. In addition, it attracted guests from selected larger British business groups and private equity fund managers, at a reception held in the offices of international law firm, Hogan Lovells, London.

During the conference, Globalscope was delighted to welcome two new member firms from Texas, USA, and a new European member firm to be announced shortly.

Michael Moritz, President of Globalscope, commented “The Globalscope London conference was a resounding success for all involved; the networking M&A reception at Hogan Lovells law firm generated leads with buyers, and our partners had numerous openings to further discussions on cross border opportunities.”

Please visit  www.globalscopepartners.com/members  for a full list of Globalscope’s members and locations.

May 15, 2013, Moscow, Russia

RB Partners hosted the Globalscope international conference in Moscow

Moscow has been elected for conducting the Globalscope semi-annual international conference.

Globalscope (www.globalscopepartners.com) is a leading group of corporate finance and business advisers operating globally to support clients in cross-border transactions. Its focus is on M&A and managing the diverse issues arising in the implementation of business growth or reorganisation and realisation strategies (through acquisition, sale, restructuring, international joint ventures, etc.).

The event took place in the Marriott Royal Aurora Hotel on May 15-17th, 2013. Representatives from 24 countries of the world spent three days discussing the newly shaped M&A cross-border opportunities.

The Globalscope conference participants have discussed new initiatives, the network performance, industry research tools, the network expansion opportunities, etc.

RB Partners has also invited to the conference a few speakers to make presentations of their opportunities to the leading M&A firms of Globalscope. The first speaker Mr. Dmitriy Zakharov, General Director of RIK-Finance, an investment company owned by the Government of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), shared details on ways of development of the Republic up to the year of 2020, prioritized investment projects and industry clusters, made a point of importance of the Republic development for Russia and spoke on high investment potential of Yakutia. The second speaker Mr. Konstantin Smirnov, the Partner with Baring Vostok Capital Partners, the largest private equity fund in Russia, made an overview of the Russian Private Equity Market.

In the course of the conference Globalscope also announced five new members to its M&A global network: the new firms from Greece, Israel, Spain, Poland and Finland have joined the Association and Globalscope now has 31 partner firms in 24 countries on every continent of the Globe.

lobally to support clients in cross-border transactions. Its focus is on M&amp

December 4, 2012, Moscow, Russia

Konstantin Dzhimbinov, Partner of RB Partners, spoke at the conference «Managing finances in crisis times» organized by Association of Europian Businesses.

Conference information:


December 13, 2011, Seoul, South Korea

Konstantin Dzhimbinov, Partner of RB Partners, spoke at the MCTGC 2011 (Materials and Components Technology Global M&A Conference) organized by Korea core Industrial Technology Investment Association.

MCTGC October 14, 2011, Berlin, Germany

Konstantin Dzhimbinov, Partner of RB Partners, spoke at the annual Conference of the international M&A Association Globalscope.